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9 Years of Experience

125+ Case Solve

Awards & Certificate

MM3 Associate brings 9 years legal experience. The firm's lawyers boast vast expertise in diverse legal matters, ensuring comprehensive and adept representation.

MM3 Associate has successfully resolved over 125 cases. The firm's lawyers have a proven track record of success in helping clients achieve their legal goals.

MM3 Associate has received numerous awards and certificates for its legal work. The firm's lawyers are recognized for their expertise and commitment to providing quality legal services.


A Passion For Justice. We fight for your rights

Advocate Md. Moyen Uddin the leader of the advocate team at M & M3 ASSOCIATE with over 9 years of legal experience. With an impressive background, including an M.Com in Accounting, CA C.C, ITP, and LL.M, he is a member of esteemed associations like the Dhaka Bar Association, Dhaka Taxes Bar Association, National Board of Revenue (NBR), and Rajshahi Taxes Bar Association. He has also worked at Masud Alftaf & Co, Chartered Accountant firm. Advocate Md. Moyen Uddin earned his CA CC, and received VAT training at BDJOBS. He is proficient in various accounting software, including Tally, and has undergone tax training from the Best training institute.

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M. Com (Acct) CA CC, ITP, LL.M


Legal Practice Areas

If you are accused of committing a crime, you will need the very best criminal defense attorneys in Fresno. We are especially skilled in the following practice areas

Real Estate Law

Property-related legal regulations, covering transactions, ownership, leasing, land use, and real property rights and disputes.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence involves physical, emotional, or psychological abuse within familial or intimate relationships, requiring legal intervention to ensure safety.

Corporate Law

Corporate law deals with Business formation, governance, contracts, mergers, compliance, and shareholder rights within legal frameworks and regulations.

Insurance Law

Insurance law concerns regulations and disputes related to insurance policies, claims, coverage, and compensation for various types of risks.

Criminal & Civil Law

Criminal law deals with crimes and punishments, while civil law addresses disputes between individuals or entities seeking remedies.

Divorce & Family Law

Divorce law governs the legal termination of marriages, while family law handles matters like custody, adoption, and domestic relations.

Labour Law

Labour Court settles employment conflicts and enforces workers' rights following legal procedures and regulations.

Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration resolves disputes through neutral decision, mediation facilitates compromise with a mediator's guidance.

Succession Law and others

Succession law governs inheritance and transfer of assets upon death; other areas include property, contracts, torts, and employment law.

Divorce & Family Law

Legal regulations governing insurance policies, contracts, claims, and disputes between policyholders and insurance companies.

Car Accidents

Legal rules and responsibilities related to car accidents, including liability, insurance, and compensation for damages.


Number Of Times Won

We always strive to win for our customers even in the most difficult cases


Happy Customer

Our customers put their trust in us and we did not let them down


Recent Case Studies

MM3Associate has a wide range of experience in a variety of legal areas. Here are a few examples of recent work that we have done.

Paramount Insurance company ltd

Insurance claim

MM3 Associate helped Paramount Insurance Company Limited to recover compensation after a fire destroyed their office building. The company was able to get a new office building and replace all of their equipment thanks to the efforts of the MM3 Associate team.

Eltech Group

Uttara VAT Division

MM3 Associate helped Paramount Insurance Company Limited to recover compensation after a fire destroyed their office building. The company was able to get a new office building and replace all of their equipment thanks to the efforts of the MM3 Associate team.

Global Edge LTD

Labour Court Mamla

MM3 Associate helped Global Edge Limited to win a case against their employees who were striking. The company was able to get an injunction against the strike and prevent the employees from disrupting their business.

Vivasoft limited

Tax Mamla

MM3 Associate helped Vivasoft Limited to file their tax returns and resolve a tax dispute with the Bangladesh Inland Revenue Department. The company was able to get a refund of the taxes they had overpaid.

Money suit CMM

Court at Dhaka

MM3 Associate helped a client to recover money that they were owed by another company. The client was able to get a judgment in their favor and the money was paid back.


No More Worries, You Can Trust Our Lawyers.

MM3 Associate is a Bangladeshi law firm that is passionate about providing its clients with exceptional legal services that deliver value. We know that value is more than just the hourly rate. It's also about efficient processes for tracking and reporting, creative approaches to reducing legal risk, enhanced cost certainty, and ultimately, results.


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